To create a shared dynamic vision for Portland's African refugee community and develop a plan to address
community problems, based on cultural, civic and socio-economic values.

To help the women in the AWC build the leadership and management skills to be effective problem-solvers
and providers of service.

To strengthen the role for the African refugee women as decision makers on project activities  and
community needs.

To build a sense of trust and partnership within the community, so that the community members view each other as resources.

To empower refugee women and foster self-sufficiency through education.

To help African refugee children develop skills to be successful in school and in life.

To build healthy families by providing culturally appropriate parenting resources and child development

To help African refugee women become more economically stable and successful and keep resources
within their community.

To improve community perception of African refugees, not as needy recipients but as active, self-sufficient
partners integrated into the community.

To provide opportunities for expression of individual and cultural idea and talents.

To educate Africa refugee women about women's health issues so that they can practice preventative
medicine and remain healthy.

To build bridges between African refugees and other members of the local community, service providers, jobs programs, policymakers and public and private institutions.



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